Rencontres french meaning.

rencontres french meaning

Des centaines d'autochtones assistaient à ces rencontres.

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These meetings were often attended by hundreds of native people. Les participants sont généralement satisfaits des discussions lors des rencontres.

Participants are generally satisfied with the discussions that take place at the meetings.

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Organiser au plan régional des rencontres à objectifs multiples. Organising encounters on a regional scale to meet a number of objectives.

Même furtives, ces rencontres ne pouvaient laisser indifférent. Even if fleeting, these encounters could not leave one indifferent.

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Ces rencontres sont organisées quotidiennement dans les locaux du sanctuaire. Such a meeting is organized daily on the premises of the shrine. Ces rencontres sont conçues pour être brèves.

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This type of meeting is intended to be brief. Nous savons en fait que les rencontres ministérielles sont imminentes. In fact, we are aware that the ministerial meetings are upcoming. Des rencontres publiques seront tenues au Québec, aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

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Public meetings will be held in Quebec, as well as on the Magdalen Islands. Rie Skovgaard a assuré les rencontres. Rie Skovgaard held the meetings with the sponsors. Planifiez vos rencontres dans nos espaces calmes et confortables. Plan your meetings in one of our calm and comfortable spaces. Une foule de pélerins a participé aux rencontres. A great number of the faithful participated in these meetings. Des rencontres sont organisées régulièrement pour assurer le Meetings are held regularly to consider the further development of the Gardons ça pour nos rencontres hebdomadaires.

We'll save that for our weekly meetings. Au niveau individuel, rencontres hebdomadaires sont suffisantes. On the individual level, from weekly meetings are sufficient.

Consultez le programme des rencontres Check out the programme of meetings for Service de rencontres bilatérales sur demande. Benefiting from the service rencontres french meaning bilateral meetings arranged upon request. Machado et Braaten ont participé aux 16 rencontres. Machado and Braaten have taken part in all 16 encounters. Accroitre leur participation aux rencontres ou conférences internationales et régionales.

Increase the women participation in the international and the regional rencontres french meaning or conferences. Activités familiales, conférences, rencontres d'artistes.

Family activities, lectures, meetings with artists, and more. Le rituel des rencontres est important. The ritual aspect of the meetings was also important. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts. They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or rencontres french meaning.

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