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what does rencontre in french mean

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It is a little surprise. My confusion comes from the Reverso dictionary. It has both "to meet" and "to bump into" someone you know. In addition to the sentence I gave above, it also has: J'ai fait la rencontre de notre voisin en allant chercher le journal.

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It translates it as: I bumped into our neighbour when I went to get the paper. Not a big, big difference in meaning but a difference. But frequently if you ran into X, you would say "je suis tombé sur X" With the verb "faire" : "J'ai fait la rencontre de notre voisin en allant chercher le journal.

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Reply Permalink Reply by alan gould on February 2, at am I looked for "la rencontre" and got the example I gave you.

They gave a poor translation because even though "bump into" means it wasn't foreseen, you would say "I met my neighbor for the first time" rather than "bump into" which means you've met them before.

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Reply Permalink Reply by Chantal Savignat on February 2, at am oh in French too, we have a lot of expressions to say that we met a neighbour according to the way we met him. And yes, I think "je suis tombé sur

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